Hi, I'm Rob. I compose for clients 10 hours a day.  Through UK and LA based Music Publishers - Production Music Online, 2nd Foundation Music, Vanacore Music (L.A.), and Strike Audio (NYC)  I have had the wonderful opportunity to write for Networks - ABC, NBC, CBS, Netflix, and Fox for TV hits, such as, Today Show (NBC), George to the Rescue, The Kelly Clarkston Show, Saturday Night Live, Countdown to the Oscars - 2021, The Tonight Show (Jimmy Fallon), Netflix Hit series "Magic For Humans", Stephen Colbert's Emmy nominated - "Tooning out the News", Queer Eye, When Nature Calls with Hellen Mirren,  2020 Republican National Convention, 2019 NBC Ironman World Championships Encore, Hallmark, American Idol (ABC), The 2018 Golden Globes, The Apprentice, American Ninja Warrior, Survivor, Fear Factor, Hell's Kitchen, Vanity Fair Confidential, Treehouse Masters, UFC, MythBusters, White Rabbit Project Series,  Amazon Prime Rosebowl Parade 2017 (with Will Ferrell and Molly Shannon - hosts), The Biggest Loser, Bear Grylles - Get out Alive,  History Channel’s Haunted History, Great American Bake-off, and many other TV shows.   I also composed music for many BBC earth programs, America's Got Talent, 60 Minutes (Australia), Better Homes and Garden, The Bachelor - Australia, and The Bachelorette - Australia, X-Factor - Australia. 

I have scored many feature films, including The Faith of Angels, The Carpenter, Devil’s Men, Out of Liberty, One Good Man, Errand of Angels, The Saratov Approach, Free Town, the remake of "Little Women", Hallmark – Holiday for Heroes, and Funny Thing About Love.  

My music can be found in over 500 TV shows (1,200+ Episodes) - as of April 2024. 

In addition to shows broadcasted in the United States, I also have TV shows using my music in 50+ countries abroad, such as, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Czech Republic, Denmark Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Japan, Latvia, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, and United Kingdom. 

Film Score reviews (Out Of Liberty).  The Score has been nominated - Utah Film Festival &Awards 2020.  One of four Best Score nominations on 1,100 films submitted.) 

 Meridian Magazine - Mariah Proctor 

"Though filmed in an astounding 11 days on the north shore of Utah lake, this film manages to bring in a few important elements of western authenticity that makes it feel like a much bigger budget film. Chief among them is the beautiful score by Robert Allen Elliott (The Saratov Approach) which has the intensity and scope to make this feel like a classic, but the subtlety and softness to give extra punctuation to the most poignant moments.  

“Garrett wanted me to approach this score standing on the backs of some great ‘Western’ scores BUT he also wanted a fresh voice,” said Robert, “His ‘direction’ to me from the start was for a gritty, soul-piercing Western… something totally original. It needed to carry the film without getting in the way. And it needs to evoke a full range of emotions.”  

This was a tall order, but I think he filled it." 

Jasen Wade  

"Robert Allen Elliott has created a moody and powerful western score that is perfectly woven into the story of this film. His music becomes another character in this story, breathing life into moments that may have been overlooked... and supporting and enhancing everything else. 

It’s raw, it’s powerful, it’s haunting. It paces itself from the beginning, sometimes feeling experimental and jarring, only to have the next track open up and give you an emotional glimpse into its reserved beauty. This gorgeous theme builds on itself throughout the album until the explosive final track of LIBERTY (Main Theme). It’s all about the journey with this score.  

A perfect addition for any soundtrack admirer, and a perfect score for the Autumn season approaching us. If you are a fan of Marco Beltrami, Nick Cave/Ellis Warren, Dominik Scherrer or Thomas Newman, you might want to check this out." 

Jonathan Decker (LDS LIVING Magazine) 

"Robert Allen Elliot’s gritty score and Jeremy Prusso’s gorgeous cinematography give the film a sheen that suggest a larger budget than it actually had. Don’t miss this one. Take your friends."